Melt Down

What I call the 2008 melt down is gone! Was your home lost in the market melt down? Or was your home lost in the banking melt down? What ever you would like to call it, that era is over. Hopefully never to return.

Here are some facts that could help the people that would like to buy another home and haven’t due to fear. Fear of thinking they can’t get another loan. Fear that you would need to speak to a person and give them information. Like, I had a foreclosure, a short sale or a bankruptcy.

Oh my, let’s just move it forward. Here’s news for you! You’re most likely to waste your time and money renting. Really? Yes Really. If you have not bought a house yet but are thinking about it the good news is that qualifying for a home has changed. Even if you purchased a home in the past but not within the last 3 years your considered a first time home buyer.  There are all sorts of programs available. Any questions in regards to home buying contact your professional Realtor. 

Did I just hear you say working with a Realtor cost me $$? Actually working with a Realtor can save you precious time and $$. ​Whether you’re a buyer or seller a home purchase or sale is one of the most priceless possessions you will have in your lifetime. Don’t waste any more time, just move forward. 

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Beach Front Condo!

Seasons have changed, now it’s our turn to enjoy the blue sky, perfect temp and fun of the season. So would you love to live on or close to the beach? Right here on the Treasure Coast, all is possible. 

If you’re not sure how to make that happen, no worries there are all sorts of mortgages available.  Condo’s start in the $300,000’s and go up depending on location, square footage, view, floor, and amenities. 
Different lenders have a variety of programs, many are similar regulations or the same regulation with the bank interpretation. 

Just move forward! First, start with what you know. I know I want to move to Florida’s Treasure Coast. Second, shop for a Realtor. When shopping online there are generally advertisements for homes, condos, and land. Make a call, not all properties are still available. Realtors can use their MLS to verify availability. Third have you spoken to a lender? You will need either Cash or a Pre-Qual letter for the agent to write a contact. 
Keep this process going smoothly by having your thoughts and facts together. 
Your Realtor and Loan Officer can handle the harder details. 

Best Wishes with your move. As always, I’m here for all of your Real Estate needs.

Happy Halloween!!!

Fall and Winter Seasons are upon all of us. Time to hang lights, eat of a lot of goodies and do some shopping. It’s also time that we should all just keep moving forward. Best time to be in Florida is between now and March. The weather generally cooperates. To all of the trick or treaters, be safe.

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Wire Fraud

Have you closed on a home lately? If not make sure you read this, first.

What you’ll want to know about wire fraud. What is wire fraud? Wire fraud is an act of fraud that uses electronic communications, such as making false representations on the telephone or via email, to obtain money.

How does wire fraud work? Wire fraud occurs when a fraudster obtains money based on false representation or promises. For example, you may receive wire instructions which appear to be from your title company, real estate agent, or lender, when in fact they are from a fraudster.

Recommended precautions to protect yourself from WIRE/ACH FRAUD;

  • Verify that the wiring information you received is from your title insurance company by contacting them at a valid phone number, not one provided in a potentially fraudulent email.
  • Do not share your online banking logon credentials (user ID and password) with anyone.
  • Never access your bank account using a public computer (e.g., at the library or a hotel business office).
  • Install a firewall on your computer to prevent unauthorized access.

This information has been provided by First American Title of Vero Beach FL. 32960. They can be reached at 772-217-9117. Feel free to let them know that Paula at Watson Realty gave you the contact information.

There is always more to know about Title and Real Estate. Free free to contact me as always.


We all deserve the Red Carpet. Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.

Be strong, be bold.

Stick to your convictions. Think, research, educate yourself. Then, just move forward!

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Don’t Follow Me Out The Door

Be yourself. On less, you need a professional to guide you. Professionals come in all sorts of ways. When deciding on your path best advice is generally a professional in the avenue your seeking.  Most of us look towards family and friends. Sure they know you best and will be more than happy to add there 2 cents. When seeking advice, keep your stories to the point and don’t start in the middle. When you start in the middle it’s like starting a movie in the middle, even those go back and forth so the audience knows how the charterers got to where they are. 

What is it that you need? Think about what drives you? Not what your driving. Is it a new home, a new career or a job. Looking for additional education, a bigger paycheck or a vacation? Follow your own path.  I believe in doing my homework first. Finding the best path the best company and people that are knowledgeable. Seek recommendations regarding your course of action. 

Keep it moving forward! Be the leader out of the door.

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Piggy Bank or House!

Crazy. Crazy. Now, what is she talking about?  Use your equity, easy refinance.  You’re eligible for a streamline program. No Appraisal. No Re-qualification. No Income Verification. No Out of Pocket Cost. I’m addressing this issue, for the folks that are in this boat.

No kidding. Using one of your most valuable assets as a piggy bank could be harmful to your future wallet. 

Just because it sounds great and it’s your equity anyway or is it? Riddle? The bank owns the home clear up until your last payment. The equity varies with the market. Please be cautious when it comes to your home, your quiet place, your peace of mind. Once you ride the 100% line of credit on your home and now you have a bump in the road, well oh boy the stress would be unbearable. 

Now that may never happen. It would be like a credit card that filled up over the years. Now your at 26% and getting nowhere. Guess what you’re not living in the credit card it’s only in your wallet. 

Before you take out an equity line, just really take a second to look over all of your options. Seek out the help of a professional. 

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Rumor and Real Estate

While the news of the economy surrounds the Real Estate World. So does the rumor and opinion of everything else. 

I just spoke to a potential buyer he had been miss informed on the property. This is what happens. When you are interested in doing business in the Real Estate market, ask a professional. We have the facts of price, size, location, and Solds at our fingertips. 

Our world still moves, we have sellers and buyers looking daily. Is your home on the market?  Homes move in line with proper pricing, condition, location, and advertisement. Once all of these needs are met the home will move accordingly. 

I like to keep my articles short and to the point. Should you have any question concerning your property feel free to contact me.

As always keep moving forward!

Great Kitchen!

When your kitchen becomes worn, now what? Should you remodel or switch homes?

The choice of buying a new home is personal. There are so many options. Start first with how you feel about your current home. Take visual inventory then think about the condition and age of the home. How’s the a/c, plumbing, electrical and yard space.

Once your set on selling your home and moving, the next step is financing. Should you be fortunate enough to have CASH, that’s great. If not the next step is to contact a mortgage lender and get pre-approved. There are many factors. Don’t be timid about asking your banker or loan officer. There are so many new loans available.

Should you need to sell your home first start with a free market evaluation for your local Realtor. Finding out what type of equity you have to utilize for the new home is essential for the new purchase. As always I’m here to help!

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How Blessed is Florida!

AS Hurricane Dorian flu bye, we all counted our blessings. With all eyes glued to the tv, we watched for days. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Who knew Florida would be bypassed. 
Real Estate comes to a slow screeching halt. Once a Hurricane is announced the insurance company stops writing policy. The Title company stops and the clause in the Florida Far Bar Contract paragraph 5 take over. 

Paragraph 5 (b). If an event constituting “Force Majeure” causes services essential for Closing to be unavailable, including the unavailability of utilities or issuance of hazard, wind, flood or homeowners’ insurance, Closing Date shall be extended as provided in STANDARD G.

When buying and selling a home in Florida or any other State, be wary of people selling their own home. The real estate business is a closed, esoteric system. Our customers could search online for the answers to any state or national real estate test, and it still will not give them the full knowledge Realtors possess. Buyers and sellers might be able to glean the basics of filling out a contract—but then what? Even if they could find every answer to every possible question, how long would that take? Google is indeed an incredible gateway to knowledge, but it is no substitute for the hours, days, and years Realtors spent applying your knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Balance in the Real Estate World saves a lot of stress.

Dorian by passed Florida, how lucky we’re we? As always feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns