Rentals on the Edge!

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How are you handling your rental during all of this chaos? Hopefully, your rent is coming in so you can continue making the mortgage payments. How fortuitous are you? We’ll even if the rent is on time how well is the property being taken care of? Have you been holding onto a property and really you’d like to sell it? All good questions, Is it possible to sell an investment property in this market?

It’s a great time to sell, ask your tenant if they would like to buy the house. If the tenant doesn’t qualify then putting that house on the market is a good idea. There are twists and turns when selling with a tenant in the home, however, it can be done, respectively. 

If your property is managed or if you don’t wish to have a conversation with your tenant then it’s best to hire a professional Realtor.  The Realtor will work out the details between you the tenant and the market. I personally have had great success in handling this type of situation. There is a fine line when showing a home that is still occupied by a tenant that doesn’t want to be bothered. Care and consideration are key when ruffling someone’s feathers. In the end, everyone likes to have a win, win situation.  

Keep in mind if you’re on the edge of making a decision, get the facts first. I don’t mean from your family unless they’re in the business. 

As always keep the questions coming. Happy Holidays!


Counter Offer!

So would you like to throw in a low ball offer?

Well, you can offer less than asking price? When you do in my opinion be ready for a counteroffer. Depending on the seller’s needs to move on has a lot to do with pricing a property. When I list a property I like to give the seller a price range. We start at the top and have room for negotiations. With that being said the buyers generally come in close to or at the asking price. Asking price has a lot to do with the conditions of the market. There is more that one may think of when placing a home on the market.

What am I talking about? Conditions are all related to the amount of inventory in the area. Conditions can also be related to the condition of the property. Have you ever noticed a home in the area that is in pristine condition or how about the eyesore of the street. Conditions. That’s not considering the interest rate. 

So now let’s take the pristine house throwing in a low offer most likely won’t work or will it? Depending on the buyer’s qualifications, is the buyer asking for concessions? How about the sellers are they in a hurry to sell, even though it may be crazy to ask if the offer is solid it could sell below ask. You need a strong Realtor to negotiate that. All the seller can say is no. 

I have buyers that I’ve worked with over and over they like for me to write a low ball offer to find out where the seller is comfortable. This is generally where the counteroffer comes into play. Make sure if you are lowballing that you give yourself room to maneuver. Don’t stop short for a few bucks.  All while not taking advantage of the seller or buyer, it’s a good way to make this a win, win situation. 


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How to Sell A Home

Are you ready? Are you ready? Selling a home starts with the idea. One day you’re looking around the house and say to yourself, hmmm I think I may need a bigger house or you say this house is too small, too old, too much work. Whatever, it starts with the idea. 

Here’s what typically comes next, how much is this house worth? I know what I owe I’m sure it’s worth a lot more than that. Let’s be real, I would imagine that if you have been in your home for 3 years or more you should have equity. That’s great because you can use that equity to move forward. With the interest rate at such a low, it’s a great time to upgrade. 

Let’s start from there. While you’re in the moment call your Realtor to run the comps for the area. That will give you the correct amount in the area with like houses. I like to research the area with the size of the property, the current Sold properties. I also always go over to the home and look at the condition. Looking at conditions is a real story of how well received the potential buyers will perceive the value in their eyes. I’ve seen listing pictures on the MLS that quite frankly should have never been taken. The difference comes when a room is neat and picked up or a sloppy mess. Clothes all over the floor, dishes in the sink, a full trash bucket. You get the picture. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The better the condition the faster the sale. Next time I will go over functional items such as the roof and a/c. How to sell a home? I like to keep it #SIMPLE.SAFE.SOLD. 

Horse Country!


Take a look at this affordable 9+ acre parcel right here only 20 minutes +- to the beautiful Treasure Coast. Our County boasts of not only our pristine waterways with fun and adventure we also have our rich agricultural, farm, and ranch land available. 

This 9+ Acres, asking price is $130.000. With a 70% loan to value ratio, we have a bank in our area that will still do land loans. Otherwise, bring Cash.

Here at Watson Realty Corp we have a great slogan #SIMPLE.SAFE.SOLD.


Although we don’t always have a home on the ocean, this ocean belongs to us. Life on the Treasure Coast!

How To Improve Your Credit Score Understanding The Credit Score Rating Chart Is Important.
Have a buyer concerned about their credit or wondering how to build or improve their score?
Here are helpful tips they should consider:•
Pay your credit payments on time and stay current on all existing bills.• Pay down debts and keep revolving balances low.• Keep unused credit cards open as it builds length and payment history• Avoid applying for new credit except when it is needed.• Utilize a variety of credit types like revolving credit and installment loans• Consider being an authorized user with a family or friend who has a good credit history.• Open a secured credit card.• Review your credit report often.• Dispute any errors that may appear on the credit report.

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Quit Claim Deed This is a legal document that transfers whatever interest or title of ownership of the home, without warranty, from one party(grantor) to another party (grantee).
Provided by Watson Mortgage.
RESPA Short for the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act is a consumer protection law requiring advanced disclosure of settlement costs involved in a real estate closing to all participants. 

Right of Recission This is a cancellation of a contract. When a borrower’s principal residence is securing the loan, the borrower has three business days following the loan closing to cancel the transaction.  

Upfront Cost
Upfront Cost are the cost you will pay out of pocket when applying for a loan and once your offer on a home is accepted. These costs can include earnest monies, inspection fees, and appraisal fees.  

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When is it time to move? Is it time to Sell?

Is there a property for me?

What style of home should I buy?

How’s your credit?
Where should I start?
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Sale into the future!

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All good questions have answers. Have fun with it. This is you’re adventure.

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Appraisal Value

What happens when the Appraisal comes in below Contract Price? I’m working with one of those situations now. The home was an inherited property and has been leased out for over 5 years. This owner used a property management company and that worked for him as far as rental collection and a few maintenance items. However the major items we’re not addressed, such as electric wires hanging from the ceiling, dripping water running along the ceiling from the air ducts condensation. Then there is rotten wood and a hole in the garage. The tenants lived with conditions that should have been taken care of but were afraid to say something.  When they did say something the owner was cheap on repairs.

The home went on the market and the tenants moved along. Now the contract comes, while the market evaluation was done and the asking price was proper for the area and market the offer came in $10,000 below ask. The buyer being a conventional buyer had a good pre-approval, so the seller took the offer. This buyer had the inspection done and was willing to proceed in spite of known repairs that would need to be done. Next, in the process comes the appraisal. Whoops, there goes another $10,000 dollars. While appraisals are done with square footage, lot size, location, and current sales in the area condition play an important role in the overall appraised value. 

Can an appraisal be contested, yes of course. If an appraiser sometime off in his assessment, yes he/she can be. You have a right to get your own appraiser and present that to the buyers lender, are those sometimes acceptable, sometimes.

What about the buyer paying over appraisal? Yes, that could happen. If the buyer really wants the property they can pay over appraisal.

Well, Appraisal Value. The answer to this story will have to continue on the next Blog.

Stay tuned and remember I’m always here for your questions.

Seller’s Market?

Hello readers. Let’s talk about the market.

For those of you that are thinking of selling your home or an investment property, it’s a great idea. My sellers are enjoying the movement in the market, my listings are only lasting about 30-45 days. Home’s that have not been taken care of properly are still selling however the appraisals are coming in a little short. Therefore, if your property has been taken care of carefully over the years then you will see the appraisals coming in on the target. 


Placing a home warranty has been a great tool for homeowners. Many times a resale home will have issues that are not covered before closing. Adding a home warranty will benefit the sale, let a warranty cover unforeseen issues, like a drippy faucet or running toilet. Yes, I said the t-word. Here a comment from the warranty company.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone—real estate agents, homeowners, and 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW). With so many people working from home, their systems and appliances are breaking more often. We’ve seen record home warranty usage in volume of claims and calls from homeowners so far this year.

As always, feel free to ask questions about your own personal Real Estate.

What’s going on with the Real Estate Market? I can tell you from my experience that it’s busy. Our Indian River County sitting along the Treasure Coast is hopping. Every listing I have been privileged to take has Sold.  Oh wait is that the house the price or is it a combination of experience, location, style, and pricing. #Simple.Safe Sold. 

See what this loan office says: written by Wells Fargo

If you have buyers with modest incomes or little savings for a down payment who are ready to buy a home — I can help. There are a variety of financing options that can meet your buyers’ needs, including:

Programs for buyers with limited savings for a down payment, such as:

  • Our 3% down payment option on a conforming fixed-rate loan. Talk with a home mortgage consultant about loan amount, loan type, property type, and homebuyer education requirements. Keep in mind — mortgage insurance will be required, which increases the cost of the loan and will increase buyers’ monthly payments. I’ll explain the options available, so they can choose what works for them.
  • VA and FHA loans
  • Down payment assistance programs

Financing for buyers with less-than-perfect credit scores, or a limited credit history

For your Real Estate needs, feel free to reach out, 20+ years in this business for myself. Working with Florida’s own Watson Real Estate Corp. My/our services reach out throughout Florida. #SIMPLE.SAFE.SOLD.