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How To Improve Your Credit Score Understanding The Credit Score Rating Chart Is Important.
Have a buyer concerned about their credit or wondering how to build or improve their score?
Here are helpful tips they should consider:•
Pay your credit payments on time and stay current on all existing bills.• Pay down debts and keep revolving balances low.• Keep unused credit cards open as it builds length and payment history• Avoid applying for new credit except when it is needed.• Utilize a variety of credit types like revolving credit and installment loans• Consider being an authorized user with a family or friend who has a good credit history.• Open a secured credit card.• Review your credit report often.• Dispute any errors that may appear on the credit report.

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When is it time to move? Is it time to Sell?

Is there a property for me?

What style of home should I buy?

How’s your credit?
Where should I start?
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Sale into the future!

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All good questions have answers. Have fun with it. This is you’re adventure.

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Appraisal Value

What happens when the Appraisal comes in below Contract Price? I’m working with one of those situations now. The home was an inherited property and has been leased out for over 5 years. This owner used a property management company and that worked for him as far as rental collection and a few maintenance items. However the major items we’re not addressed, such as electric wires hanging from the ceiling, dripping water running along the ceiling from the air ducts condensation. Then there is rotten wood and a hole in the garage. The tenants lived with conditions that should have been taken care of but were afraid to say something.  When they did say something the owner was cheap on repairs.

The home went on the market and the tenants moved along. Now the contract comes, while the market evaluation was done and the asking price was proper for the area and market the offer came in $10,000 below ask. The buyer being a conventional buyer had a good pre-approval, so the seller took the offer. This buyer had the inspection done and was willing to proceed in spite of known repairs that would need to be done. Next, in the process comes the appraisal. Whoops, there goes another $10,000 dollars. While appraisals are done with square footage, lot size, location, and current sales in the area condition play an important role in the overall appraised value. 

Can an appraisal be contested, yes of course. If an appraiser sometime off in his assessment, yes he/she can be. You have a right to get your own appraiser and present that to the buyers lender, are those sometimes acceptable, sometimes.

What about the buyer paying over appraisal? Yes, that could happen. If the buyer really wants the property they can pay over appraisal.

Well, Appraisal Value. The answer to this story will have to continue on the next Blog.

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Seller’s Market?

Hello readers. Let’s talk about the market.

For those of you that are thinking of selling your home or an investment property, it’s a great idea. My sellers are enjoying the movement in the market, my listings are only lasting about 30-45 days. Home’s that have not been taken care of properly are still selling however the appraisals are coming in a little short. Therefore, if your property has been taken care of carefully over the years then you will see the appraisals coming in on the target. 


Placing a home warranty has been a great tool for homeowners. Many times a resale home will have issues that are not covered before closing. Adding a home warranty will benefit the sale, let a warranty cover unforeseen issues, like a drippy faucet or running toilet. Yes, I said the t-word. Here a comment from the warranty company.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone—real estate agents, homeowners, and 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW). With so many people working from home, their systems and appliances are breaking more often. We’ve seen record home warranty usage in volume of claims and calls from homeowners so far this year.

As always, feel free to ask questions about your own personal Real Estate.


What’s going on with the Real Estate Market? I can tell you from my experience that it’s busy. Our Indian River County sitting along the Treasure Coast is hopping. Every listing I have been privileged to take has Sold.  Oh wait is that the house the price or is it a combination of experience, location, style, and pricing. #Simple.Safe Sold. 

See what this loan office says: written by Wells Fargo

If you have buyers with modest incomes or little savings for a down payment who are ready to buy a home — I can help. There are a variety of financing options that can meet your buyers’ needs, including:

Programs for buyers with limited savings for a down payment, such as:

  • Our 3% down payment option on a conforming fixed-rate loan. Talk with a home mortgage consultant about loan amount, loan type, property type, and homebuyer education requirements. Keep in mind — mortgage insurance will be required, which increases the cost of the loan and will increase buyers’ monthly payments. I’ll explain the options available, so they can choose what works for them.
  • VA and FHA loans
  • Down payment assistance programs

Financing for buyers with less-than-perfect credit scores, or a limited credit history

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Our Seller’s and Buyer’s, love our services at Watson Realty Corp. 50 offices strong.

Our market in Indian River County is moving forward, nicely.

Listings while not plentiful are not sitting. Over priced listing in poor condition, would be sitting in any market. But, only until a investors comes along with a low ball offer.

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Landlords and Tenants

Two paths of OMG this place is now a total re-hab. So you want to buy a property or 3 to use as rentals? Here’s what is going on for some owners right now. While the COVID market is crazy some owners that have held their property for 5 plus years and have had a nice ride while the tenant is paying the mortgage, woo hoooo! Now, these properties are getting let’s say a little tired looking inside and out. Great, it’s time to sell instead of doing repairs, like a new roof, re-hab kitchen, and baths. How about the electrical and plumbing? Whoops, what about the a/c? These properties can be sold “as-is” for the right price. I’ll have 4 left in my inventory of listings and more coming. In the last few months I have worked with several Seller’s that are out of the U.S. The properties move fairly quick.

Let’s just say that the owner while squeaking by just to pay the mortgage, wasn’t the best at fixing issues for the tenants. Most tenants don’t have time or $$ to take care of someone else’s house. Or am I wrong do most tenants feel ownership?  Hopefully they at least provided a 4 legged pest free environment. Don’t get me wrong there plenty of great landlords. 

The balance between fixing issues with a home that you don’t have a personal relationship with and just collecting the rents.

Oh but wait!!! What happens to the tenant that has called this place home? While selling a home with a tenant inside, they have their rights. No one is going to throw them out, many times the lease is finished out. Also, many times the new buyer is happy that they already have a tenant.  I always like to ask if the tenant would like to buy the home, they can always be referred to a mortgage lender or bank.  The facts are most of the tenants move forward either to a new rental or they buy. In either case the rates are quite nice now and there are several programs suited for new buyers. 

Look at this from the National Association of Realtor’s, just posted;

While the national eviction moratorium, in effect until the end of the year, protects renters in the short term, it leaves both property owners and renters financially vulnerable without the inclusion of rental assistance, Megan Booth, NAR’s director of federal housing and policy, explains in this week’s “Pivot in Place” video. NAR and other housing groups sent a stark warning to Congress this month, saying inaction on rental assistance could lead to “the greatest rental housing crisis of our lifetime.

Would you like to be an Owner or a Tenant? Enough said.

As always Selling or Buying a home please use a trusted professional Realtor! At watson Realty Corp we love to work with our RELO’S, Sellers and Buyers.

The Power of Knowledge

Remember learning is key to success. All thought we all went through school most of the time that knowledge is lost or forgotten over time. As you go through your day little triggers pop up. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, Oh I learned that in 8th grade. No, most of us as a whole constantly are learning something new. In relation to the Real Estate Industry, learning is the key to success. Not only do we have ongoing education classes that are mandatory we have classes throughout the Boards that keep us up to date on new documents, new laws, new regulations, new requirements, and so on. 

Knowledge is acquired over time. When you sold your last home, did you do it yourself? Probably not, why? Most homeowners aren’t Realtors their profession is something else. I know when I need a job done I find a professional. It keeps my time freed up and the job is done right. After all, I don’t prescribe my own medicine. 

We now have a Covit Rider to add to the Contract. Times are changed and so are we. Knowledge is key!

I like to keep my Blog short , contact me for all of your questions as always. ReaL Estate Professional.


Real Estate Market is HOT here in Indian River County. Topping out at 1899 home’s sold in the last 180 days, according to the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is the most accurate accounting of Real Estate. While the other sites feed off of the Realtors most trusted site, we make this business happen.

While practicing social distancing we keep out business moving carefully.

Reach out to find out what your home is worth!

Hot Market, social distancing, SOLD!


Today’s lifestyle has changed for many of us. While the Real Estate Market has been busy for me here in Indian River County (that’s Vero Beach, Sebastian, Fellsmere) not everyone is certain how they will pay their mortgage. People that I know had been fortunate to have funds aside, just in case. That leads me to the people that are using their homes as piggy banks. Oh boy, I hope that you are not doing that. 

Selling your home right now might seem crazy however if it’s time to move forward, then get going. Your lifestyle is what you make it.  Is this a simple thought or not? Selling and moving on, takes on so many powerful possibilities. Only you know what those are, make your choice, and just move forward. 

If you need trusted help to make the choice, reach out to those around you. First why are you selling? Second where and how? Third can you afford this move? Lifestyle, it’s your choice.

Don’t be shy, ask a local Realtor for a CMA. That will help with #3.

As always I am here to help you with all of your Real Estate questions.