Dirty and Falling Apart.


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Photo by David Bares on Pexels.com

I JUST WENT TO A SELLERS HOME AND WAS OFFERED A CUP OF TEA! That was sweet of her, the problem was the cup was not washed. Don’t worry I was polite, after taking out the 3 tea bags and adding a little milk I took a small sip.

It’s been my experience that not every home has the same upkeep. Depending on the seller/sellers the home is either average, fair, clean, or not so clean. Why do I care? Well as the selling agent it has a bearing on the time frame for selling. Does this affect the price? You bet it does, would you like to have the asking price or go into negotiations? 

It’s not impossible to sell a home that isn’t taken care of, however, some homeowners are not realistic. Without going into the care of a person’s home you can judge this yourself.  Are the rooms picked up? Are the walls freshly painted? Have the walls been painted 25 years ago? How about the carpet when was the last time it was cleaned? Do you have pets? You get the idea. So, is your home dirty and falling apart? To get the most out of selling your home do your own assignment. 

It is our job to help people Sell or Buy a home. As professionals, we take it seriously. We have the latest technology and tools to help you with your Real Estate needs. 

As always feel free to email me with your Real Estate questions. Your questions are confidential.

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