In the world of general Real Estate, mistakes can be self-made. Choices. What are some of the biggest self-made mistakes? What am I talking about? When you’re getting your home ready to sell let’s take a look at what many sellers find as a common solution. 

Take a look at your home in general. If you’re a person that is obsessed with the running of your household, this isn’t for you. Or is it? I talking about items that not only need to be cleaned I’m thinking about repairs. From my experience as a Seller’s Agent, many sellers like to focus on small items to repair or replace. The most expensive items that are most important to a Buyer are the roof, A/C, foundation, mold, wood rot, windows, and of course the water heater. 

After living in your home you may think that your home is in good shape, but if your home is dated then it most likely needs one or more of the above items. Take a look at the photo’s above, the big companies know what’s keeping them on top of their game. Everything in this park must be running without fail. When you focus on “oh my gosh” it’s going to be a fortune to repair or replace a bigger ticket item, think about time on the market. Time is money, don’t blame your agent because the inspections keeps coming up short. When a buyer does their inspection the big-ticket items will be present, the buyer’s agent will come back to you and ask for those to be repaired or replaced. 

Owning up to the self-made mistakes that others have made, give yourself the edge. If you are not in the position to replace a roof or hot water heater then price the property properly. A buyer won’t mind if he’s getting a fair deal. The buyer can repair or replace items after purchase, most of the time. 

As always, feel free to reach out with comments or questions. Let’s all have a refreshed, Happy New Year!

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