Rentals on the Edge!

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How are you handling your rental during all of this chaos? Hopefully, your rent is coming in so you can continue making the mortgage payments. How fortuitous are you? We’ll even if the rent is on time how well is the property being taken care of? Have you been holding onto a property and really you’d like to sell it? All good questions, Is it possible to sell an investment property in this market?

It’s a great time to sell, ask your tenant if they would like to buy the house. If the tenant doesn’t qualify then putting that house on the market is a good idea. There are twists and turns when selling with a tenant in the home, however, it can be done, respectively. 

If your property is managed or if you don’t wish to have a conversation with your tenant then it’s best to hire a professional Realtor.  The Realtor will work out the details between you the tenant and the market. I personally have had great success in handling this type of situation. There is a fine line when showing a home that is still occupied by a tenant that doesn’t want to be bothered. Care and consideration are key when ruffling someone’s feathers. In the end, everyone likes to have a win, win situation.  

Keep in mind if you’re on the edge of making a decision, get the facts first. I don’t mean from your family unless they’re in the business. 

As always keep the questions coming. Happy Holidays!


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