Counter Offer!

So would you like to throw in a low ball offer?

Well, you can offer less than asking price? When you do in my opinion be ready for a counteroffer. Depending on the seller’s needs to move on has a lot to do with pricing a property. When I list a property I like to give the seller a price range. We start at the top and have room for negotiations. With that being said the buyers generally come in close to or at the asking price. Asking price has a lot to do with the conditions of the market. There is more that one may think of when placing a home on the market.

What am I talking about? Conditions are all related to the amount of inventory in the area. Conditions can also be related to the condition of the property. Have you ever noticed a home in the area that is in pristine condition or how about the eyesore of the street. Conditions. That’s not considering the interest rate. 

So now let’s take the pristine house throwing in a low offer most likely won’t work or will it? Depending on the buyer’s qualifications, is the buyer asking for concessions? How about the sellers are they in a hurry to sell, even though it may be crazy to ask if the offer is solid it could sell below ask. You need a strong Realtor to negotiate that. All the seller can say is no. 

I have buyers that I’ve worked with over and over they like for me to write a low ball offer to find out where the seller is comfortable. This is generally where the counteroffer comes into play. Make sure if you are lowballing that you give yourself room to maneuver. Don’t stop short for a few bucks.  All while not taking advantage of the seller or buyer, it’s a good way to make this a win, win situation. 


Visit me at Watson Realty Corp. Vero Beach Florida. Looking forward to it!

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