Although we don’t always have a home on the ocean, this ocean belongs to us. Life on the Treasure Coast!

How To Improve Your Credit Score Understanding The Credit Score Rating Chart Is Important.
Have a buyer concerned about their credit or wondering how to build or improve their score?
Here are helpful tips they should consider:•
Pay your credit payments on time and stay current on all existing bills.• Pay down debts and keep revolving balances low.• Keep unused credit cards open as it builds length and payment history• Avoid applying for new credit except when it is needed.• Utilize a variety of credit types like revolving credit and installment loans• Consider being an authorized user with a family or friend who has a good credit history.• Open a secured credit card.• Review your credit report often.• Dispute any errors that may appear on the credit report.

Your team at Watson Mortgage Corp. is here for you.Together We Will Get Through This!

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