Happy Halloween!

Keep your Trick or Treat safe.

Quit Claim Deed This is a legal document that transfers whatever interest or title of ownership of the home, without warranty, from one party(grantor) to another party (grantee).
Provided by Watson Mortgage.
RESPA Short for the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act is a consumer protection law requiring advanced disclosure of settlement costs involved in a real estate closing to all participants. 

Right of Recission This is a cancellation of a contract. When a borrower’s principal residence is securing the loan, the borrower has three business days following the loan closing to cancel the transaction.  

Upfront Cost
Upfront Cost are the cost you will pay out of pocket when applying for a loan and once your offer on a home is accepted. These costs can include earnest monies, inspection fees, and appraisal fees.  

#SIMPLE.SAFE.SOLD. The Watson Way!

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