The Power of Knowledge

Remember learning is key to success. All thought we all went through school most of the time that knowledge is lost or forgotten over time. As you go through your day little triggers pop up. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, Oh I learned that in 8th grade. No, most of us as a whole constantly are learning something new. In relation to the Real Estate Industry, learning is the key to success. Not only do we have ongoing education classes that are mandatory we have classes throughout the Boards that keep us up to date on new documents, new laws, new regulations, new requirements, and so on. 

Knowledge is acquired over time. When you sold your last home, did you do it yourself? Probably not, why? Most homeowners aren’t Realtors their profession is something else. I know when I need a job done I find a professional. It keeps my time freed up and the job is done right. After all, I don’t prescribe my own medicine. 

We now have a Covit Rider to add to the Contract. Times are changed and so are we. Knowledge is key!

I like to keep my Blog short , contact me for all of your questions as always. ReaL Estate Professional.

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