Hello Readers

Have you been thinking or worried about paying your mortgage? My hope is that we don’t experience another short sale or foreclosure crisis. Let’s hit the nail on the head, are you behind on your payment because you’re still out of work? That’s scary. If your behind I hope that you’ve contacted your lender and found a solution. I work with Mortgage Professionals on a daily basis, the rates are excellent right now. There are so many programs for new buyers.

Right now my experience, has been positive in that fact that the market is brisk. Sellers are doing very well. These numbers are straight out of the MLS, in Indian River County. The MLS that Realtors use is the most accurate and up to date site for Real Estate. What type of success this month, well let’s examine the numbers:

From June 1st through July 21st we have 515 Active homes to choose from.

From June 1st through July 21st we have 677 Solds. 

Those numbers don’t include Contingent or Pending. 

To find out specific details on your home, contact a professional Realtor of your choice.

Sell your home if your ready. Save your home if your in trouble with the payment. Feel free to reach out to me with your questions. Regards, Paula.

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