Keep Ahead of the Game!

What game? Today’s wild ride. Some people are thriving while others are broken down. I can only tell you my opinion of the Real Estate Market in my area. 

For the good folks in Indian River County, the market is moving nicely. Home rates and inventory are just right for changing your lifestyle. Does that make sense? Seller’s are not giving away their home, they are selling with current market value. Buyers have an option to buy with some great loans designed for today’s market. The only way you know about your wear with all to buy or sell is to ask a professional Realtor. 

Keeping ahead of the Game, mean’s choose wisely. A home priced properly will sell within the first 30 days, depending on condition and location. A home price too low could sell the same day, are you leaving money on the table? Your agent will offer you a CMA, based on black and white facts of the latest Solds in your area. Remember ask questions, keep the facts that are presented in the front of your mind.

Keep ahead of the game. Feel free to ask about your county, I have availability to research most counties in Florida. Outside Florida, I have a great Relo and Referral Company.

I’m always here to help you with your Real Estate needs. Reach out at

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