Everyone loves a pleasant lifestyle. Why not, it’s should be our day to day path.

Many of use are working out of our home, that’s been an adjustment. For many of us it took thinking out of the box. It’s always easy to find a something else to do while were home like laundry, clean the kitchen, play with the dog. Now that I’m use to it I’ve tried to add in a few half days at the office.

My office is in Vero Beach, Florida. Just off the Treasure Coast. WooHoooo, Lifestyle!

I love working and living here. Ever since the middle of March the Real Estate Market has adjusted and at the same time I’ve been busy. Buyer’s have taken the time to find and buy in a fast paced market. The sellers are happy. WE have covit rules in place, to be as safe as possible.

The Mortgage people have some great loan programs. You must be pre qualified to buy a home. Anywhere from 600 to 800 credit score. I’ve sold to buyers with a low credit score and little to No Money. Therefore the contract is written with a sellers concession in mind. What is that, you say? A sellers concession is $$$ that come back to cover closing costs and prepaids. Depending on the transaction, many sellers are willing to give back to a buyer when he has enough equity in the property and the sale can be closed within 45 days. It’s a win, win.

Let’s talk about you’re home. Your lifestyle awaits! Always feel free to contact me. Comments are welcome and feel free to reach out

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