Home and Promise

I’m not saying anything about the c.v. I won’t give even the initials a capital. We’ve all heard enough.

Instead, I’d like to say Hello to all of the people at home working. I know it’s tough while I’m blessed to work from home it’s a big change. My husband the retired Air Force Veteran grew up cleaning and polishing. His mom “God bless her” was a Strong Polish lady with strict habits. This week while trying to work at my R.E. business. We moved furniture and cleaned rugs. He had cleaned windows and curtains last week. While I love the cleanliness I’m Happy I missed that choir.

As for me I’ve managed to sell a home just before we were grounded and rented a couple store’s.

By the way the buyer is getting 3.5% interest. People that are working in the R.E. field are working remotely. Stay safe and Believe!

Fell free to contact me with questions. PaulaZ@WatsonRealtyCorp.com

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