Time – Money

I’ve heard this before, time is money I’m sure you have to. As we all work hard for our paychecks, we save, make investments, start a 4021K, etc. The sneakiest worst thing is when a person gets scammed out of the cash they have in the bank. I’ve just meat a lady that this happened to her 84-year-old mom. Yes, that’s right as the story goes. 

Mom is home alone and this nice man approaches her and becomes her friend. Not only one time but over several months he conveniences her that they are friends and he’s just a little short. Mom goes alone and says I best tell my daughter. His response, oh we wouldn’t want her to worry, would we.? Of course, the mom who was a registered nurse helping people to many years says oh no, your right. 

The daughter catches wind of the thief and turns him over to the authorities. Guess what, they can’t do anything. You know where this is going. My thoughts are with you, keep a close eye on each other. Don’t let a rotten thief steal from your pocket, your wallet, your home.  Remind your friends, family, and co-workers to be on the lookout for scammers.

Don’t be afraid to turn them in. I personally don’t buy from a telemarketer. I stay with well know web sites and stay with professionals. Especially when the time comes to make a purchase.

Take care and always feel free to contact me.

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