Melt Down

What I call the 2008 melt down is gone! Was your home lost in the market melt down? Or was your home lost in the banking melt down? What ever you would like to call it, that era is over. Hopefully never to return.

Here are some facts that could help the people that would like to buy another home and haven’t due to fear. Fear of thinking they can’t get another loan. Fear that you would need to speak to a person and give them information. Like, I had a foreclosure, a short sale or a bankruptcy.

Oh my, let’s just move it forward. Here’s news for you! You’re most likely to waste your time and money renting. Really? Yes Really. If you have not bought a house yet but are thinking about it the good news is that qualifying for a home has changed. Even if you purchased a home in the past but not within the last 3 years your considered a first time home buyer.  There are all sorts of programs available. Any questions in regards to home buying contact your professional Realtor. 

Did I just hear you say working with a Realtor cost me $$? Actually working with a Realtor can save you precious time and $$. ​Whether you’re a buyer or seller a home purchase or sale is one of the most priceless possessions you will have in your lifetime. Don’t waste any more time, just move forward. 

As always I’m here for your Real Estate Questions. Reply here or

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