How Blessed is Florida!

AS Hurricane Dorian flu bye, we all counted our blessings. With all eyes glued to the tv, we watched for days. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Who knew Florida would be bypassed. 
Real Estate comes to a slow screeching halt. Once a Hurricane is announced the insurance company stops writing policy. The Title company stops and the clause in the Florida Far Bar Contract paragraph 5 take over. 

Paragraph 5 (b). If an event constituting “Force Majeure” causes services essential for Closing to be unavailable, including the unavailability of utilities or issuance of hazard, wind, flood or homeowners’ insurance, Closing Date shall be extended as provided in STANDARD G.

When buying and selling a home in Florida or any other State, be wary of people selling their own home. The real estate business is a closed, esoteric system. Our customers could search online for the answers to any state or national real estate test, and it still will not give them the full knowledge Realtors possess. Buyers and sellers might be able to glean the basics of filling out a contract—but then what? Even if they could find every answer to every possible question, how long would that take? Google is indeed an incredible gateway to knowledge, but it is no substitute for the hours, days, and years Realtors spent applying your knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Balance in the Real Estate World saves a lot of stress.

Dorian by passed Florida, how lucky we’re we? As always feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns

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