Personal Touch

Today’s technology is so far advanced for everyone. Think about 20 years ago, most of us didn’t walk around with a cell phone or have a personal computer. Many people had a pager or BlackBerry. Well, what comes around goes around.  The BlackBerry product is here again. Everyone that I know has a cell phone and replaces it about every 3 years. How about car shopping? Twenty years ago, we went to the dealership to purchase our cars. Now, look at the cars in the box, sitting in the carousel. You can go on the internet and have them deliver a car. If you don’t like it no worries, they will pick it back up and bring another. Do you really think you’re getting the best deal?

Real Estate is expanding, within the past 20, there have been adjustments, advances, revisions. A homeowner that lives out of State doesn’t even need to be in Florida to sell a home. A buyer can buy the same way and have a clause in the contract for inspection or time to see the home, before moving forward. One great advancement has been the opportunity to use the internet for signatures i.e. Digi sign, E sign it goes by a couple of names. I do love this product because it allows me to do business with people in any State all you need is your cell phone. E sign for its purpose is accepted by most Title Companies in the State of Florida. If you want to buy a home in Florida and need to sign additional documents it’s as simple as reading it on your phone and tapping the space for the signature. Closing, Listing, Sales may all be done over the internet with the simple touch of the keyboard or cell phone. 

I’m mentioning this for those of you that have a home to sell in Florida and can’t take the time to travel. Right now there are other large companies taking over the way we all have done business. Most of the sales advances I like to take advantage of myself. However, there is nothing better than the personal touch. I want to know the person I’m dealing with I don’t want a robot. I want to be able to refine my personal experience. 

Real Estate is a personal and expensive endeavor. I work in an age-old industry that has weathered ups and downs. The REALTOR® brand has been around for more than 100 years, and I carry on a legacy of continually putting systems into place to help consumers, set industry ethics standards, and find better marketing solutions. I’m backed by industry leaders who lobby for better training and laws that protect the client from fraud. And in the end, my clients are better off because of it.

As always feel free to reach out to me for Real Estate. Servicing Florida Sellers and Buyers for 20 years.

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