Stats are from MLS, 2609 Homes, SOLD in Indian River County, so far this year. Rely on the fact, not fiction.

Our customers are savvier when selling or buying a home. You have the internet to assist you, that’s great. One thing that I would like to comment on is the level of accuracy. Here’s how it works. When a seller contacts a broker to sell his/her home, the property is placed on the MLS. The agent is responsible for the content of the information and accuracy. Realtors are most careful to be cognizance of details they are placing on this site. Our whole world of Real Estate is most incredibly important to us. We are held to high standards by our Board of Realtors, National Association of Realtors and our piers.

Internet sites are wonderful for pictures and info. I personally like Realtor.com and Homesnap. With that being said, for me or any other Realtor in my office to find the facts, we use MLS. Not only in this county but any other, that we would use to find or sell your home.

Thank you all for following this blog. Floridarealestate.blog

My personal contact is PaulaZRealtor@gmail.com – visit me anytime.

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