Ridding the wiper blade.

Do you live in Florida? We’re used to lizards, on our porches, in our yards and riding the car windshield. No worries they are harmless and they eat other bugs. 

Hi Sellers, are you thinking of selling your home in Florida? There are several things generally that are triggers for people to sell their home. 

1) job change

2) home is too small or too big

3) neighborhood changes

4) schools

5) need to live closer to a relative

6) climate change

7) divorce

8) wedding

9) death in the family

10) Already moved out and decided not to move back?

Once you have decided to make a move and you have looked all over the internet now it’s time to call a professional Realtor. Here’s what I /we can do for you.

1) take the anxiety out of making a big change.

2) come to your home with the facts, what your home value will bring and how long will it take to sell.

3) go over written listing agreement.

4) talk to you about staging your home while in the middle of packing.

5) are there any items that need repair or attention?

6) once a contract for sale comes in, going over negotiations. Discussing all of the terms and conditions, so that you are clear on who’s doing what.

7) staying on top of the transaction through the inspection, appraisal clear up until it comes to closing day. Should anything happen in those periods I will offer solutions to keep the transaction on track. All of these details give the sellers a piece of mind. 

8) is the home that you want to sell in Florida? I am available in most areas on the East Coast, for the West Coast I have agent referrals.

All good reasons for the change. It is important to know that you do not need to make a special trip to Florida to get started or close. With today’s technology, it can all be done via email, e-sign and phone calls. It’s time too look forward to the new adventure. 

Feel free to reach me through World Press or my business email, Paulazrealtor@gmail.com

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