Time to sell? It’s okay moving forward is good.  Once you’ve made up your mind to sell it’s time to really get busy. Here are a few good tips to help get you started and put top dollar in your pocket.

Take a look around is there anything that needs repair? Don’t forget to fix drippy faucets. A clean tub is a must. Sounds ridiculous, but I’ve walked into a few bathrooms that were highly unpleasant.

Take another look and pack away your personal pictures. Put away all personal items.

The buyer’s first impression as they walk through the door could dictate the quick sale. Make sure the home is clean and tidy. Make your bed and have a clean kitchen sink.

You’ve probably checked the internet to scope out prices that you think you are going to ask for and sell for. That’s good you have a price in mind.

Now contact your local Realtor. They will come out and take a look. The current market in your area will dictate the price. It could be similar to what you have come up with. Top dollar depends on the market in your area. How many homes are available? What makes your home stand out from the others. 

Allow your agent to set the stage on showing the property. Buyers shop on their time. Yes, it is inconvenient but once you have the check in your account, it’s your turn to be the buyer. Good job, time to move!

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