Haunted Home

Those are cute pictures.

Have you ever owned a home that you thought for sure it was haunted?   
How about have you ever gone into a home and felt creepy?  Life tells me it’s not impossible.

I’ve had my own experiences over the 20+ years that I’ve sold Real Estate. Life tells me it’s not impossible. ​I can share one story, let me know what you think.

This account took place in Oklahoma City. It was a normal day my kids were in school. I was a new agent. To start with this office I wanted to view one of our office listings for sale. As soon as I walked in the door, dread hit me. The house was empty not a stick of furniture no people, nothing. Although very uncomfortable I pushed forward and walked around. My eye and thoughts keep going to the swimming pool outside. I kept feeling and thinking someone had drowned in that pool. Along with the feeling that someone was mad about it.  Not a happy camper. I felt like an intruder. Of course, I told my husband about the house and said to him I think it was haunted.  He looked at me like I had two heads. 

A few days later I was back at the office and mentioned to one of the other agents about what I had felt and thought. Perhaps to my surprise or not, that agent told me that the seller’s son had drowned.  That was enough validation for me. 

I’m not sure if that is instinct or an extra since? To my knowledge, I have not sold a home that was haunted.  However, that was not my last experience.

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