Choose the Broker You Work Best With, Not the One with the Lowest Commission.

Spoken like a true Realtor or spoken from the experience? The Commission is not given they are earned. The commission is negotiable. Real Estate Agents and Brokers go through vigorous training and tests from the State. We/they are bound by laws to uphold the highest standards and ethics. 

So how do you choose?

  • Invite a full-time Realtor over. That would be an agent that has time to manage your house sale. Not just place it on the MLS and ignore the rest.
  • Your listing agent is key to marketing the property correctly.
  • Seasoned Realtor’s have superior negotiating skills.
  • Pricing a property takes technique.
  • Agencies are relative to the fact all sales agents have brokers that they work for.
  • Agencies are regulated by the State.
  • Education is ongoing for a Realtor to stay up on Core Law and Ethics.
  • The real estate business is a closed, esoteric system.
  • Realtors are more efficient at solving problems, unnecessarily prolonging a closing.
  • Sales Strategy is paramount in real estate. The experience provides that extra 5 percent difference that often leads to the 26 percent better return on your client’s investment.

Feel comfortable with your agent just as you would with your Doctor, Attorney or any other professional.

I’m available to answer any questions, as always.

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