Hire a Professional

Are you thinking of selling your home, if so what are the steps involved?

  • Prepare the house for the potential buyers coming through.
  • Put away all of your valuable paperwork.
  • Take personal pictures off the wall.
  • Keeping the dishes out of the sink really makes a better impression. Along with clean and cleared countertops. 
  • Have clothes picked up and toys in the kid’s room.
  • If you have pets, let your agent know. Please make sure that your pets are safe and not bitting at the buyers/agents ankles. 
  • Buyers want to look at their time, not the sellers. 
  • Make sure before signing a Listing Agreement your certain, many agencies have a cancellation policy. 
  • Selling is an on going process sometime’s it seems to take longer than you had anticipated. 
  • Depending on the agreed price, condition, and timing of the market it could take a week or 6 months. 

In my experience, it takes the seller and the agent to be on the same page. That means in the initial appointment several items need to be gone over. Those items are spelled out in the Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement. Feel free to read over and ask questions or have your Attorney go over the agreement. In the end, the Realtor is there to sell your home! 

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