Re-Sale or New?

When listed on the MLS as active, the one thing to be sure of is that it is Available, Contingent, Pending or Sold before the agent takes you there. It’s your choice. Re-Sales are special, they can be in excellent condition or not so good. The price will reflect the location and the condition. 

Make sure that you know your budget. Speak with the loan officer first. Your agent will need a copy of the pre-approval in order to make an offer. 

When I meet with buyers I always ask about their wants, needs and time frame. I’m listening for key words. With all of my experiences with different types of people, they don’t always know what they really really want. Watching the reaction when we enter a home is my first key as to what would make this a successful transaction. 

With that being said, many time’s I’ve taken buyers to an alternate home (not on their list) with that one special key factor. After all, it’s all about the buyers finding a home that makes them happy!

Coming next the asked for selling in today’s R.E. Market. 

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