Get inspired!

Keep in mind if you can imagine it, dream it, visualize it, it can be done.  Egyptians built the pyramids or did they? The USA astronauts flew to the moon, imagine that. Canaveral sits right here in Florida, fabulous! Technology is miles ahead of where it started. Unless you’re keeping up with the newest phone or computer your behind.  Nicholas Tesla was a genius. He developed the idea for smartphone technology in 1901. It was said that he had a photographic memory. 

Most of us work day to day with ideas that we envision. I embrace change, while it scares many people.  Change means ideas, which means taking action. There’s the fun part. Some actions start with a small steps. A phone call, checking google, speaking with family or friends. It has been my life’s work and pleasure assisting home buyers with an idea of homeownership. If you’re renting and thinking you’d love to get out of paying your landlord, here’s a tip you can. 

Make that quick phone call, contact your local lenders. If you don’t have a loan officer or favorite Realtor, no problem just ask me. I’ll be happy to refer you to someone that fits your needs. So beep, beep get out of your own way. Get Inspired!

Don’t let someone else’s thoughts slow you down!

Even if you’re not sure or if your thinking you might make a mistake. That’s no big deal. If you never take a chance you’ll never know. Right?

When I start out writing, these things go through my head. But I’ve learned I like to take a chance. Am I always spot on? I know that I am not spot-on however my intentions are. I would love to see everyone own a home of their dreams. I would love to see peace in the world and everyone happy. I know that can’t be, but why not try? Just imagine that you are struggling and there is someone that would love to help you, there is always someone that has the knowledge to put your puzzle together. Want to buy a home, well maybe you can! Stop talking yourself out of it.  Are you a turtle or a roadrunner? 

Once you have the concept of what you want, take action. Will friends or family support you? If they are supportive they may have contacts. I like to refer to business people that I have personally worked with. I keep a list of professionals whether it is a banker, inspector, repair person, auto repair, favorite restaurants and so forth. By the way it’s okay to start at the turtle pace, once you pick up the momentum you can pick up the speed. Beep Beep!!

Keep moving forward! As always I’m here for you and all of your Real Estate questions and needs. Feel free to reach out

Personal Touch

Today’s technology is so far advanced for everyone. Think about 20 years ago, most of us didn’t walk around with a cell phone or have a personal computer. Many people had a pager or BlackBerry. Well, what comes around goes around.  The BlackBerry product is here again. Everyone that I know has a cell phone and replaces it about every 3 years. How about car shopping? Twenty years ago, we went to the dealership to purchase our cars. Now, look at the cars in the box, sitting in the carousel. You can go on the internet and have them deliver a car. If you don’t like it no worries, they will pick it back up and bring another. Do you really think you’re getting the best deal?

Real Estate is expanding, within the past 20, there have been adjustments, advances, revisions. A homeowner that lives out of State doesn’t even need to be in Florida to sell a home. A buyer can buy the same way and have a clause in the contract for inspection or time to see the home, before moving forward. One great advancement has been the opportunity to use the internet for signatures i.e. Digi sign, E sign it goes by a couple of names. I do love this product because it allows me to do business with people in any State all you need is your cell phone. E sign for its purpose is accepted by most Title Companies in the State of Florida. If you want to buy a home in Florida and need to sign additional documents it’s as simple as reading it on your phone and tapping the space for the signature. Closing, Listing, Sales may all be done over the internet with the simple touch of the keyboard or cell phone. 

I’m mentioning this for those of you that have a home to sell in Florida and can’t take the time to travel. Right now there are other large companies taking over the way we all have done business. Most of the sales advances I like to take advantage of myself. However, there is nothing better than the personal touch. I want to know the person I’m dealing with I don’t want a robot. I want to be able to refine my personal experience. 

Real Estate is a personal and expensive endeavor. I work in an age-old industry that has weathered ups and downs. The REALTOR® brand has been around for more than 100 years, and I carry on a legacy of continually putting systems into place to help consumers, set industry ethics standards, and find better marketing solutions. I’m backed by industry leaders who lobby for better training and laws that protect the client from fraud. And in the end, my clients are better off because of it.

As always feel free to reach out to me for Real Estate. Servicing Florida Sellers and Buyers for 20 years.

Real Estate Cause & Effect

Are you curious about the world of Real Estate? Some Realtors make it look easy, some Realtors struggle. That’s why approximately 20% of the Realtors are doing 80% if the business. 

When you think about selling your home, what do you do? ​Look at the postcard from the mail or the local Real Estate office. Those are good, but would if you’re not living in the property? The Internet is the place to go if you’re living out of the area. 

Once you speak with your potential Real Estate agent make sure you have an instant bond communication. You can tell almost instantly if the person your talking to has knowledge of the market community. He or she should know the dynamics of the property pretty quickly. 

Not only is it important to have the right agent, but that agent will also set up the transaction with vendors involved i.e. title company, inspector. Who in turn sets up the mortgage company and the​ appraiser. ​  So as you can see cause & effect.

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Forgot something?

Karma will remind you.

Karma will remind you, she shows kindness when it was given. A reminder when it’s needed. Do the wrong thing and she’s a witch. I choose the first one, do the right thing and you do not need to think about it. Enjoy the pictures, they came from a beautiful friend.

Take a moment to reflect. Enjoy the pictures.

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Turtle Soup

Yeah, that’s what I said.

I’m not really going to eat turtle soup. I’m referring to an analogy from one of my favorite movies. The reason I’m writing about this is I see a lot of people stuck in the soup. Here’s why. As you go through your day, is it over and over again? Are you happy with the lifestyle you live? Is your job fantastic? Is your career going as planned? Or are you knee-deep in a workload that has you buried? Your not paid enough for this job.How about your home?  If both of those are perfect then I’m not thinking of you. 

How about your home the same thing, have you painted lately? Or does your home not interest you any longer? Same old curtains, paint, cupboards, roof needs replaced and keep going until your overwhelmed. Or do you come home from a hard day and the home you just walked into is perfect, comfortable and very well maintained? If you answered nope lost interest it’s too much to do, now the fire is high on the soup pot. Your boiling and didn’t even know it. 

The analogy can be seen in the 1997 movie Dante’s Peak. Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton along with the cast and crew does a fantastic job. 

I can say for myself, I always move forward. First comes the thought of what you want or need. Second, comes the thought of how? Third, maybe the money needed to make changes. Forth, the hard part for some people is the Action. Fifth, the start will come in your own fashion. Slow to start, but at least it’s a start or quick and totally committed. It’s up to you, stay out of the soup pot. Don’t just be a watcher,  make life happen. 

I’d love to hear your story.  Feel free to reach me at And follow me at Most of these tips will work in any area, not just Florida. 


Stats are from MLS, 2609 Homes, SOLD in Indian River County, so far this year. Rely on the fact, not fiction.

Our customers are savvier when selling or buying a home. You have the internet to assist you, that’s great. One thing that I would like to comment on is the level of accuracy. Here’s how it works. When a seller contacts a broker to sell his/her home, the property is placed on the MLS. The agent is responsible for the content of the information and accuracy. Realtors are most careful to be cognizance of details they are placing on this site. Our whole world of Real Estate is most incredibly important to us. We are held to high standards by our Board of Realtors, National Association of Realtors and our piers.

Internet sites are wonderful for pictures and info. I personally like and Homesnap. With that being said, for me or any other Realtor in my office to find the facts, we use MLS. Not only in this county but any other, that we would use to find or sell your home.

Thank you all for following this blog.

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